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Zest is an employee engagement software, the perfect tool for following your employees’ pulse and getting on-going anonymous feedback.

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What if

"If it does impact their efficiency, could you tell me real time how happy our people are?"

From a CEO to his HR VP

"Why not hearing more often what our people think to improve ourselves?"

From a manager to his CEO

"Our next best ideas could come from the shy people who never dare speaking in our meetings"

From a HR VP to his CEO

"Technology could finally be useful for me ? Could I know how much I collaborate at work and how my work influences my mood?"

From an employee to his manager
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How does it work?

1 Let your employees share their mood

Quick, Easy and Fun!
In just one click employees can express their mood as often as they wish, so you can know better their spirit. By default it’s anonymous but you can compare your teams or offices worldwide.

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How does it work?

2 Get Anonymous Feedbacks

Let your people freely talk!
You will learn so much about your organization, avoid frustrations and put your people in action. Zest enables companies to then solve issues by making everyone participate and think together.

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How does it work?

3 Let your employees suggest great ideas

So much to learn from the crowd!
Let your people suggest their thoughts to succeed or to improve in their job and share with all. Everyone can vote for the best ideas to improve your organization.

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How does it work?

4 Follow your personal stats

Each day, learn a bit more about yourself!
Thanks to Zest, you can follow your mood evolution and analyze from one week to another what does impact on it. You will also see how collaborative you are through feedbacks or ideas you have given and helps received or shared.

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You will benefit from the following functionalities

Daily Mood

Let your people share their mood daily, you will see how some decisions or actions impact them


Get your people to use feedbacks to share their difficulties or successes and evaluate their colleagues and manager


Get the best ideas from the crowd and let your employee vote to classify the best ones

My Day

A smart tool for the single use of your employees to help them learn from their daily activity and to improve their organization

Key Values

Get your people to share their key values at work and how they feel your company is treating them


Give some great dashboard to your people to quantify themselves and optimal dashboard for your company


Let people create as many teams as they want to increase their collaboration


Get your people to ask for help and share their knowledge. Let the solidarity begin!


Nicolas Hernandez

Co-Founder & CEO - 360 Learning

Zest allowed us a global approach in all business levels. For collaborators, it brings more cohesion and solidarity. As for me, the app offers an effective tool to measure my employees pulse and detect low signals.


Jacques Pierres

Senior Partner - EY Audit

We have deployed Zest to release the natural goodwill between employees and encourage self-regulation within the teams. The first uses are very encouraging and we continue to share good practices and to encourage new uses

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