Monitor your business and make the best decisions to close the strategy-to-execution gap.

A powerful business intelligence and decision-making tool, the Lead Pillar enables you to identify your company’s key HR and business indicators in real time. Visualise the alignment between your vision and its realisation. Analyse consolidated data on employee engagement and strategy deployment. Make the best decisions based on accurate, personalised HR KPIs.

Monitor your business
and HR indicators in real time

Get a 360° view of your organisation’s activity and KPIs to adapt your business and HR strategy based on feedback from the field.

Identify risks in advance and implement preventative actions

Analyse your operational performance and identify the causes

Implement actions at managerial and HR level

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   Cockpit           Alignment map

Implement business and HR strategy
and empower your teams

Communicate your business strategy and mission clearly

View deployment at all organisational levels

Track the progress of business and HR objectives in real time

Quickly identify gaps and implement corrective measures

Related feature(s):

  Alignment map

Clear benefits

  • A powerful business intelligence tool
  • Personalised dashboards in real time
  • A long-term HR strategy

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