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Zest is an employee engagement software, the perfect tool for following your employees’ pulse and getting on-going anonymous feedback.
Zest is an employee engagement software, the perfect tool to drive company culture, boost personnal and team development and create high-performing teams that will lead your company to success!

Every plan includes all modules

You will benefit from the following features



Employees can share their daily mood in real time and let you know how they feel in their teams



Feedbacks are important to share difficulties or successes and evaluate peers and managers. This smart tool will help you prepare your annual reviews in few clicks



Each employee can take part in your innovation process to improve your organization and their peers can vote for the best ones



All statistics related to your collaborator’s activity are gathered in a very complete and simple dashboard. Managers and HRs can compare teams between them and their evolution over time



Switch to agile management and create project groups to enhance collaboration interactions between members of different interactions.



Real time surveys can be submitted by managers to their teams or by HRs to all or a part of the company and collect results day to day



Reproduce precisely your company tree, with as many organizations and suborganizations as you wish.


My Zest

Share your recognition by giving Zest to your collaborators, and fuel the goodwill chain.



In 5 minutes per month, get precious insight on your employees mindset at work, define goals and regularely measure progression.