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Réussir à l’heure du numérique

Pour évaluer le moral des salariés ou sur leur niveau d’engagement, une nouvelle vague d’applis est sur le point de mettre au rancart les traditionnels questionnaires de satisfaction.

, 17 October 2017


ZestMeUp, an app that gives speech to employees

Recognizing that employees only have the annual job review to give feedback on their work or company, two French men had the idea to launch ZestMeUp, a communication tool beetween employees and managers.
(article in french)

Jobtic, 20 September 2017


Zest probes the mood of your employees

An app with a neat design that allows a company to take in real time the pulse of the collaborators, to give them a expression area and to send them polls. It’s no longer needed to wait a year to react if something is wrong. In addition to the diagnostic, the application offers solutions to managers. (article in french)

L'Usine Nouvelle , 12 April 2017


Zest ludifies employee’s feedback

While many tools allowing to probe contributor’s satisfaction are emerging, the start up ZestMeUp, one of the first start up that has taken the hand on this field in France, gives an additional boost to its solution. To encourage employees to share their feedback, it has decided to bet on the game. (article in French)

Exclusive RH , 12 April 2017