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How to take employees’ pulse ?

Business case : Question collaborators without getting them bored is an art. “Nature & Découvertes” launch each weak a survey to gauge moral, and anticipate issues.
Christophe Bergeon intervene on ongoing pulse survey and anonimity. (article in French)

Les Echos Business , 13 April 2018


Engie’s Manager take the pulse of their employees

To reinforce employee engagement et promote initiative proposal, “Engie Entreprises et collectivités” has implement HR within it’s Teams. (article in french)

Liaisons sociales, 20 February 2018


ZestMeUp raises 800.000€

French Start-up intends to double its sales revenue in six month and concurrence “heavyweight” of engagement software market, building upon bots and machine learning. (article in french)

Journal Du Net, 20 February 2018


Zest probes the mood of your employees

An app with a neat design that allows a company to take in real time the pulse of the collaborators, to give them a expression area and to send them polls. It’s no longer needed to wait a year to react if something is wrong. In addition to the diagnostic, the application offers solutions to managers. (article in french)

L'Usine Nouvelle, 12 April 2017