by Christophe, on 21 May 2018

Generation Y in the Workplace: the New Rules of Employee Engagement

If you haven’t seen the Youtube sketch about the “Millennial Job Interview,” you can probably picture it. A 20-something interviewee says she’s “proficient in technology”…...
Chris Bergeon
by Chris Bergeon, on 3 May 2018

Real Time: The HR Challenge

Talent management these days is all about being proactive. With techniques like proximity management and continuous feedback, the new watchword is real time, so you can be present when...
by , on 28 July 2017

Zest at VivaTech

The second edition of VivaTechnology occured on June 15 and 16. Zest was there, for on amazing expérience full of great human, technological and business encounters. Thank you to all...
Ghita Laraki
by Ghita Laraki, on 8 November 2016

Zest spreads out in Europe and announces the first partnership in Germany

The web solution Zest, launched only one year ago, attacks the German market. Distributed by its new partner p-manent consulting GmbH, the start-up that releases the collaborators’...
Faye Holland
by Faye Holland, on 13 October 2016

#disruptHR: Instant feedback for happier employees with ZestMeUp

In Part 15 of disruptHR blog series, the disruptHR lead blogger, Faye Holland, speaks with Co-Founder & Sales Leader of ZestMeUp, Gillaume Viry.
Ben Whitter
by Ben Whitter, on 20 September 2016

Bye, Bye, Human Resources?

Airbnb's “workplace as an experience” vision, which is central to their culture and customer-centric approach, is creating a never-ending debate about the future of Human Resources....