Are you familiar with the “agile method”? Everyone is crazy about this concept lately. But in case you missed it (somehow 🙈), here is a quick recap:

The idea is to confront your product to your clients opinions at an early stage to be able to get feedback right away. That way, you can better adapt your product to their needs and recommendations while it is still under development. Why would companies do such a thing? To avoid spending ages on a version 2.7.c which won’t even match users needs and expectations.

At Zest, we decided to help HR managers adopt this method for their daily life at work! Here is how 😉

The point is for you to get feedback on your new HR or management policies in real time to better adapt them to your employees’ needs.


The concept

Stop working in the dark without information, basing your internal policies only on suppositions and deductions: Get real time feedback from the first person involved; your employees. Nowadays, it is as important to know your employees’ needs as it is to know your clients’ ones. How? By surveying them, as they are the core of your company and are also the ones who have a holistic vision of what is happening.

Why it also matters for the employees

When they are regularly and anonymously surveyed, employees can give their honest opinion on both operational and strategical matters in the company. For instance: are you aligned with the company’s vision and project? Would you like to stop the Friday afternoon usual meeting? We are currently creating a new internal training program and we’re looking for a name, do you have any suggestions? Do you feel your work is acknowledged?

As you might have understood already, the point is to implement internal policies FROM the results of your employees feedback and not the other way around. Way too often, companies lose time and money trying to make them accept policies they might not even understand. And if they are misunderstood, it’s because they are either inadequate or not explained enough. And this is where you can take action!

The subject of employee engagement has been trending in the HR spheres for a while now, but the question remains : how can one engage his or her workforce? Is it just about asking your employees if they are having a good day? Unfortunately, this is not going to be enough! Instead (or in addition), try to ask them questions about their day to day missions or the strategy of the company. In other words: involve them! Your employees need to feel that you value them and their opinion and that they have a real impact on your decisions.

The agile method applied to HR is the future of an efficient management strategy. By challenging your internal habits and your HR processes, you’ll also prove that your will to take your employees’ needs into consideration is sincere. And this sincerity will create engagement, understanding and will lead to a better acceptance of those internal policies.

On top of that, you will be able to get a ROI on your RH actions for the first time, save time and create a lot more bonding and proximity between the teams. Why do without? 😊

Develop a new company vision thanks to your employees with the agile method applied to HR.

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