Everyone wants to be heard. The challenge is usually listening.

Giving listening a prominent position in your employee engagement approach has a two-pronged effect: firstly, employees who feel listened to feel valued. Secondly, managers are empowered with actionable insights into what truely drives employees to perform at their best.

Monthly values, weekly surveys, daily moods… no matter the frequency, listening with Zest will reveal unheard results.

Start Pulsing

Tune into how employees are really feeling by listening to their moods. Whether freely-given or requested, Moods provide real-time and aggregated insights into levels of feelings across the team.

View the evolution of Mood at individual, team, or company-wide level and take actions to engage discussions with your talents. Be notified of low moods to preempt churn of ‘at risk’ employees and manage emergency cases.


Gauge Commitment Levels

Make your organization more successful by listening to employees’ opinions and experiences (for example on the last organizational transformation or the next strategic initiative) via easy-to-create and highly-customizable Surveys.

Whether launching one of the pre-constructed templates, or creating your own, Surveying with Zest enables quick and agile insights into employees’ opinions. An extensive question library and endless possibilities for customization means surveying your teams has never been simpler.


Align and Motivate

Faciliate culture alignment by identifing what really motivates your employees.

Discover which values are most important to your team via Key Drivers campaigns. Combine this knowledge with insights from the Engagement Meter, whose questions were written alongside a professional psychologist, for a holistic view of team alignment and motivation levels.

Engagement Meter
Key Drivers

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