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Implementation of 5 recurrent surveys
Regular follow-up throughout the employee life cycle
Better reactivity of managers in case of difficulties

Supporting the employee in the various stages of the employee life cycle

Anteles called on Zest in 2020 to set up an employee feedback system with the aim of significantly improving its talent retention rate, particularly during the first six months following their arrival in the company.

“Zest allowed us to create and plan several recurring survey campaigns in a record time.”

Laurent Filliatreau Executive Director

To achieve this objective, Anteles has implemented a number of recurring surveys and polls to monitor employees from the moment they join the company on various topics:

  • The recruitment experience
  • The onboarding experience
  • The integration experience
  • The two specific training sessions for new employees

But also on specific subjects in corporate life, such as remote working for example.

Thanks to the SmartOrg system in Zest and the automation offered by the tool, these surveys were sent automatically to employees according to their arrival date in the company.

For example, all employees receive the first survey to evaluate the recruitment process the moment they join the company, and only employees who have been with the company for 3-4 months receive the survey to evaluate the integration experience, their support and their overall feeling.

Zest’s SmartOrg takes into account the complexity of organisations with multiple geographical locations, multiple departments and cross-functional areas. In concrete terms, this allows for the management of fine-grained user rights and conditions access to results at the global level or for a given scope. Ultimately, it also allows for the comparison of different entities and for a quick analysis.

Supporting managers in monitoring their teams

The second challenge of the project was to provide managers with tools to deal with social irritants.

The use of the “Mood” functionality allows managers to have a good visibility of the state of mind of their respective teams and to anticipate problems thanks to the systematic low mood alerts.

Zest’s Mood feature has enabled managers to quickly identify irritants within their teams and gain agility.

Zest’s Mood feature creates a real sense of psychological security among employees: the implementation of this ritual (whose recurrence is freely defined) allows employees to speak freely, particularly thanks to the possibility of responding anonymously or publicly. For the manager, the possibility of being notified when a member of the team submits a low mood allows them to react quickly. The must-have is also the SOS button, which allows the employee to alert management or HR to extreme situations such as harassment or discrimination, thus fulfilling the general safety obligation incumbent on any employer.

Anteles’ use of mood is remarkable and a real case study for Zest. In terms of best practices, we can note:

  • Good communication prior to the launch highlighting the usefulness of the mood feature
  • Building awareness among managers
  • Internal “challenges” launched to increase participation rates and incentives offered to the most involved teams
  • The reactivity of managers in case of low mood alerts within their team

In addition to the “mood” functionality, Anteles uses the “Key Drivers” and “Engagement Meter” features with a campaign launched every six months, thus allowing the manager to have an overall view of the level of engagement of the teams thanks to the engagement score and the heat-map (for a more in-depth analysis) and on the key drivers of motivation for employees.

Transform managers into coaches

The next stage of the project is to go even further in the use of the tool by managers, to exploit its full potential… For example, giving managers the power to launch specific surveys, giving them more visibility on employees…

In short, Zest’s tool enables managers to have access to useful information in a very simple way so that they can concentrate on the essential: the human aspect and the relationship with the employee.

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