Zest meets all your engagement needs in one simple-to-use solution.

Feedback, alignment, purpose, accomplishment, recognition, growth… there are many aspects comprising employee engagement. With Zest, you can manage it all with one comprehensive solution, operating in real-time to ensure you’re on the pulse as and when things happen.

Achieve 360° team engagement by actively listening, empowering performance, and faciliting sharing with Zest.

Understand People
Gather valuable insights into the true levels of engagement by listening to employees' moods, opinions, and what they really value.
Discover Listen
Empower Teams
Clear direction, continious opportunities to develop, and seamless collaboration create a culture of high performing teams.
Discover Perform
Grow Together
Honest feedback, open communication, and frequent recognition are key to growth and shared success.
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Built for your Business

Tailor Zest to fit your Company

Smart Org
Virtually map the exact structure of your organization for an accurate and visual view of all employees, including those part of cross-functioning or cross-territorial teams.
From the features you choose, to the parameters you set, customize Zest to be as unique as your business.
Collection without reflection is only half the job. Make sense of all your engagement data with clear and consise anaytics, so you can smartly plan your next move.
Feel safe in the knowledge that if you want something to be private, it will stay that way.
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Discover Zest’s Features

With three powerful pillars, and many features in each, Zest is your complete solution for team engagement.

Take the pulse of your collaborators via public or anonymouse Mood submissions. Be notified of low moods and receive emergency SOS alerts.
Launch Polls to all or part of your team, and gather useful insights and opinions. Pull from a large library of pre-constructed templates, or write your own.
Engagement Meter
Send Engagement Meter campaigns to shed light on the true levels of engagement at an individual, team or company wide level, combining to reveal your NPS.
Key Drivers
Identify what values really matter, and how well they are reflected in your company culture, with quarterly Key Drivers campaigns.
Set Goals in alignment with team objectives and monitor their progress in real-time.
Choose or suggest new Skills to develop, track their progress in real-time, and, once mastered, add them to your profile.
Conducting frequent and easy to prepare 1-to-1 meetings between the manager and employee, called Check-ins, encourages self-reflection, ongoing improvement and promotes a shared vision.
Collaborate on Projects efficiently, accessing all your shared files, discussions and important details from your project dashboard.
Create a culture of construtive communication by sending or requesting Feedback to anyone in the organization to encourage, thank or support their contribution.
Share Ideas in a supportive setting, up-voting the ones you like best and adding comments to evolve good ideas into great initiatives.
My Zest
Send up to 5 Zests per week to colleagues whose work you think deserves special recognition.
Company Message
Communicate at scale on the most important company-wide messages.

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