We are constantly monitoring the mood of hundreds of employees via our application since the beginning of the health crisis and we share this week's results with you.

Following our first Work Mood Barometer published last week, this week we continue to monitor the moods of employees to observe the trends and the direct effects of the health crisis on organizations.

This period of uncertainty and isolation means increased stress for most employees. For us it is important to continue to monitor this trend through the average of shared moods as an alert to managers and HR professionals on the importance of monitoring the well-being of their teams and, above all, to support them.

The mood of the week of April 6th to 10th

  • Couple of weeks ago, we observed that the average mood at work had dropped from 4.01 to 3.70 out of 5, out of more than 100 clients.
  • The daily volume of shared moods had also increased significantly.

These results indicate a stronger need, for people on lockdonw, to share their feelings with their co-workers.

The mood from April 14th to 17th

This week we see that the average remains stable, rising from 3.70 to 3.73 out of 5.

  • The average remains low, but stable: it is a signal that teams are starting to find their rhythm and their bearings. The numbers are, nonetheless, lower than they were before the crisis.
  • The daily volume of shared moods continues to be very high compared to the pre-crisis average, which shows that confined employees continue to have a higher need for sharing and contact with their teams.

The teams are starting to find their rhythm and their bearings.  The trend is confirmed, employees on lockdown have a greater need to share and interact with teams than ever before.

Every week a new Mood at Work barometer and the analysis of the trends since the beginning of the crisis.

We are an employee engagement solution and, during these difficult times, we believe it is essential to do everything we can to help you make your organizations more effective and fulfilling.

Therefore, we are committed to bringing you up to date information on trends in work moods, to help you gain visibility on the dangers of isolation to your employees and organisations and, most importantly, to take action on these issues.

Take care of yourself and your teams, stay home and let’s go through this crisis, together 💚

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