Beyond simply measuring satisfaction, Zest’s Engagement Meter is a comprehensive feature which enables managers to take action.

This update has it all: enriched engagement categories, improved phrasing of questions (written alongside a professional psychologist) and a complete redesign of the interface for quicker analysis. All of this is built with the purpose of empowering managers with insights on exactly where to take action.

Drive engagement with a new dashboard

Results from Engagement Meter surveys are now centralized on one main dashboard. The primary graph (top right) shows the evolution of your engagement score over the last 18 months and enables you to view, in detail, the results from one month to the next, and even share it with others in the team.

Push your analysis even further with improved category display; six axes of engagement ranked highest to lowest let you know exactly where your strength and weaknesses lie.

Finally, the all-important eNPS score (employee Net Promotor Score) layout has been updated; with a detailed gauge to see exactly how many employees are ‘promotors’ and how many are ‘detractors’, you can draw a more relevant analysis.

Engagement levers to better address daily management challenges

The goal when renewing this module was to make all teams happy and productive at work. In that mindset, diagnosis is not enough.

To better help managers, each axes of engagement is divided into three engagement levers; Feedback, Communication and Decision Making. This enables managers to drill down even further into each axis and take corrective actions quickly.

These three engagement levers are also supported by employees’ comments to provide a holistic analysis. Thanks to the new engagement levers, managers will be far better equipped to increase their team’s engagement level.

Closer leadership with individual and team reports

Whilst it’s still possible to consult team reports, you can now also access those of individuals, even if they replied anonymously. Users are now also able to keep track of their contribution with access to their previously submitted reports.

Improved individual and team reporting enables managers to sharpen their diagnosis with a full-spectrum vision: from a small scale with individual reports, to team-wide analysis, right through to company-wide.

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