Sinking down into your office chair on a morning in late August isn’t quite the same as sinking your toes into the sand on a European beach, but it does bring with it a myriad of possibilities. Sure, there’s little chance of getting a tan or taking a dip, but your employees are going to feel the effects of a well-earnt break with Zest’s new product features.

Releasing in September: complete refresh of Zest’s Poll module; an improved interface, additional configuration options, new features, and enhanced processes to ensure your poll, from creation through to completion, yields valuable results. Bonus: a few additional Zest updates you might have missed from in August.

Experience the redesigned Poll module

From the creation of a poll, to distributing it to your team, to analyzing the results… at Zest we believe every touchpoint with the Poll module should be intuitive, engaging, and efficient, for both admins and users alike.

Redesigning the creation process

A polls primary purpose is to gather insights, discover trends, and take action based on the results. With this in mind, the following updates were designed to ensure poll creation is simple and quick, with no compromise on quality.

New interface: breeze through the poll creation process with an intuitive step-by-step guide: define, build, translate, configure. Define your poll’s objective, buildup your list of questions, translate for all users, and configure the frequency and recipients.

Question Library: polls with a specific topic in mind are easy: where do you want to hold our next off-site? Which new logo do you prefer for our new branding? But when it comes to creating polls to gauge overall employee experience, it’s not uncommon to feel uninspired. Introducing Zest’s Question Library – a library of over 100 questions spanning categories of professional development, work environment, personal fulfilment, company vision, and more.

With Zest’s new drag-and-drop feature, combined with the extensive question library, you can save valuable time when creating your polls, whilst yielding stronger results. Of course, you can also add your own question and save it to your library for future use.

Customization: create polls specifically tailored to your business with Zest’s advanced customization options. Change the question format (multiple choice, free text, rating, scale…), set the frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly…), define the privacy status (anonymous, public or open), and choose the recipients. You can now also define exactly who can view the poll results; recipients, managers, or everyone in the organization.

Customized or default, whichever route you choose, Zest’s new poll functionality will enable you to build successful polls in considerably less time, meaning you can shift your focus to what really matters: the results.

Results that count

A well-crafted poll with poor analysis is as useful as a chocolate firefighter. In other words, you need a strong representation of the results to make your poll successful.

Poll analysis is now even more powerful with Zest’s:

New dashboard: improved layout displaying the configuration of each poll. See at a glance when it was launched, who it was sent to, the number of questions, the level of participation, and breakdown of public vs anonymous answers.

Optimum display of results: with nine question formats available, it makes sense that each is clearly presented with a custom graph. Boasting bar-graphs for multi-choice answers, donut graphs for single choice, and line graphs for sliders, analyzing polls with Zest has never been stronger.

Dive further into the data by filtering via attributes*; what do the younger generation in your company think? How do the results vary between genders? The power of analysis is now firmly in your hands.

*Attributes can be easily set-up and will really enhance your poll analysis. Contact Zest’s Customer Success team to discover how to implement attributes. 

Personalized advice: poll owners will now receive personalized advice, via email, following the completion of their poll. Get expert tips on what makes a poll successful, how to improve participation rate in the future, and what type of questions your users really want.

Zest is committed to engaging users and boosting team collaboration. We strive to take that goal one step further by beginning to offer personalized advice to managers, aimed at explaining the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ behind achieving this goal. Keep an eye out for further developments on this topic.

What you might have missed in August:

Since evolution never sleeps (or takes vacations), our dedicated team of experts released the below updates during August:

  • Slack Integration – Zest now works with your favorite business messaging tool, Slack! ZestBot will notify users when they receive a mood request, a poll notification, or a ‘Zest’. Don’t want to wait for the notification? Users can send a ‘Zest’ via Slack at any time.
  • SAML2 – Now integrated with SAML2, Zest users can benefit from worry-free logins by security authenticating their SAML2 single sign-on.
  • Company message – Increased flexibility around who you want to broadcast your mass-message to (super admins, managers, users, specific organization), plus now available on mobile!
  • Check-in improvements – If we consider evaluating performance as a continuous process of improvement, we can also consider Zest’s Check-in module in the same regard. Latest feature additions include the ability to add a user to an already-launched Check in (ie part-way through a month), and improved visibility on aggregated results (see the average feelings and contribution ratings across the whole team).

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