Zest has signed a partnership with Clap Partners to jointly develop an integration between its innovative employee engagement solution and SuccessFactors’ HR management software, with the goal of making Zest seamless for end users.

The primary objective of the Zest-Clap Partners partnership is to meet the demand of SuccessFactors’ clients who wish to access Zest directly through their HR portal. This integration will optimize user experience by seamlessly passing information from Zest to SuccessFactors, and vice versa. By directly integrating Zest into their core HR system, SuccessFactors clients and prospects will experience a greater ease of use and boost employee engagement.

This integration will bolster Zest’s chances of joining SAP’s partnership program and collaborate with teams from this leading European software company. This partnership will also open many business opportunities for Zest, in particular the growth of their already rich client portfolio – more than 100 clients – and by expanding its international presence.

Clap Partners is an independent consulting agency dedicated to developing solutions for SuccessFactors, the world’s leading HR software (more than 40 million users worldwide).

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