Hot on the footsteps of partnerships in Germany and Switzerland, Zest has just announced a partnership with Patrimoine-RH, its new distributor on the Canadian market. With a focus on workplace wellbeing, the Canadian HR firm is the perfect partner to help Zest develop its presence on the global market.

Patrimoine-RH puts employee wellbeing at the core of its work on HR transformation. Founded by HR expert Philippe Zinser, the company has already helped over 225 clients build better workplaces. The company’s mission is to create a “culture of workplace happiness,” with the motto “Rester Heureux” — “Stay Happy”! 

Zest and Patrimoine-RH share a common focus on helping companies understand and respond to employees’ needs. Already in use in 34 countries, Zest’s solution will now be strongly represented on the Canadian market, allowing companies in this region to enjoy the benefits of open, honest workplace communication.

The shared values of Zest and Patrimoine-RH make for a natural and durable partnership. Zest will benefit from the Quebecois firm’s pioneering expertise in HR innovation, while Patrimoine-RH will be able to share a new, cutting edge tool for real-time feedback and communication. With Zest’s solution at its disposal, Patrimoine-RH can continue to build more efficient, more productive and above all, happier workplaces.

Christophe Bergeon, CEO and co-founder of Zest, highlights the partners’ common goals: “We’re very in sync with Patrimoine-RH and very happy to be working with them. It’s the perfect partnership to help us build a presence on the Canadian market. Québec has always been a greenhouse for the best new ideas in talent management, and Patrimoine-RH is an outstanding example of that.”

Québec has always been a greenhouse for the best new ideas in talent management, and Patrimoine-RH is an outstanding example of that.
Christophe Bergeon
CEO & Co-founder @ Zest

And the founder of Patrimoine-RH says the feeling is mutual. Zinser explains that his mission is to help people “feel happy in what they do so everyone is aligned, and everyone benefits! Zest and Patrimoine-RHwere made to work together. Zest’s solution is right in line with what we offer our clients through our workshops and training. It takes everything we recommend and makes it available in the form of an solution that’s fun, scalable and easy to use, with a ton of features.”

True to his values, Zinser adds: “We believe that employee wellbeing is essential to building sustainable business results. That’s why we’re truly happy to work with companies like Zest that put the human factor front and center of everything they do.”

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