A growing number of organizations are choosing to build happier workplaces and improve team performance by adopting Zest, an innovative HR solution to assist proximity management and boost employee engagement.

Zest has announced strong growth in 2018, signing a total of 40 new clients in the first half of the year alone. The Paris-based startup is doubling down on growth, positioning itself as an emerging market leader, with a strong focus on customer success and proven value to businesses worldwide.

New clients in 2018 include an impressive cast list of multinationals and respected brands like Eram, Chantelle, Bouygues Telecom, Damart, SMILE, Enedis and Engie. New clients also include SMEs such as CIPRÉS Insurance and Audit CPA, as well as established and emerging start-ups like Tilkee, SkOUT and SendinBlue.

Approaching a total of 100 clients in France and abroad, Zest is seeing strong growth worldwide. The solution is already in use in 34 countries, with some clients deploying Zest to extend their employee engagement capacities across the globe. To name one example, retail outlets in the Decathlon group have adopted Zest to conduct regular evaluations in regions that include France, the Philippines, Japan, India, London, and Martinique.

As a cutting-edge employee engagement solution, Zest doesn’t just make HR easier: it empowers employees, proximity managers, and global teams, offering the most complete and customizable solution of its kind on the market today.

The richest and most configurable solution on the market, Zest is the innovative solution for listening and mobilizing talent that adapts to different types of organization, including the most complex and decentralized. Zest also equips the HR departments with power to the teams: employees and local managers.

The Zest toolbox can be adapted to benefit even the most complex and decentralized company structure, providing simple ways to boost collaboration and team morale. French retailer Eram, for instance, uses Zest to replace its traditional annual reviews with regular engagement surveys for all 7,000 of its employees. US Secure Intelligence company SkOUT improved its corporate social network by integrating Zest with Slack.

Christophe Bergeon, CEO and Co-Founder of Zest explains: “Management issues are as much of a challenge in a 50-person operation as they are in company employing 5,000 people. That’s why we built our solution as a tool to leverage performance, openness, and communication in any type of business. We love the diversity of our client base and the very positive market response! And we’re on track to meet our ambitious goal for 2018 — signing 100 new clients this year.”

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