Zest has been selected to join Talentsoft’s 2018 Startup Accelerator Program, the latest step in broadening its global presence and impact in HR Tech. Recognized for its innovative contribution to workplace wellbeing, the Accelerator Program will give Zest access to unprecedented mentorship and networking opportunities.

The program is a unique opportunity for Zest to boost growth by learning from Talentsoft; a pioneer in the industry. The young company intends to follow in its mentor’s footsteps to become an industry leader in Europe, with a strong focus on internationalizing its operations in the coming year.

Talentsoft, the European leader in cloud-based talent management and learning software, has chosen Zest to participate in the first edition of its Startup Accelerator Program alongside three other French tech startups: Visiotalent, EveryCheck and AssessFirst.

Talentsoft’s Startup Accelerator will help Zest enhance their global impact through ongoing marketing and sales support. Running over a six-month period, the Program offers Zest PR, lead-generation, and event activities, as well as specialized business meetings, masterclass workshops, and one-to-one mentoring sessions from Talentsoft experts.

Zest will also showcase at the Club Talentsoft Innovation Lab event in Amsterdam on June 12-13, benefitting from two days of exclusive networking with partners, media, users, and analysts. With an expected audience of 600 HR-centric companies from 25 different countries, Club Talentsoft 2018 is taking a primary position in Zest’s 2018 event plan. Participation in the event and awards ceremony promises to be a key moment for Zest to show the world its potential to transform talent management using innovative, human-centered solutions.

Zest puts employee wellbeing at the core of talent management, with far-reaching benefits for small and large companies in every industry. Its innovative solution for feedback and communication boosts employee engagement, helping companies build fulfilling, high-functioning workplaces.

With 9 million users in 27 languages spanning 130 different countries, Talentsoft is ideally placed to help homegrown talent gain a foothold on the global market. Its new Startup Accelerator is an opportunity for the visionary tech company to nurture the startup ecosystem in France and pass on a decade of marketing and business expertise.

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