As a sign of its growing profile in the HR technology sphere, Zest ended 2017 on a high by raising € 800,000 in their seed-round of fundraising. The young company has already built a strong reputation for itself, with its focus on employee engagement and its innovative approach to workplace wellbeing.

Now Zest has set itself a list of ambitious goals for the coming year: speed up its growth on a global scale, double its workforce, triple annual revenue, and expand its client base to over 200 clients.

Christophe Bergeon, CEO and Co-Founder of Zest, says the company is ready to move up to the next level. “Our objectives are clear: maintain growth, triple our revenue, recruit new talent, build our client base, and invest in expanding into new territories. We approach our business planning and operations with a global outlook. We hope to be making half our revenue on the international market in the near future. This year, we’re picking up speed and giving it all we’ve got. It’s time to level up — and we’re ready!”

In just three years, Zest’s cutting-edge, real-time employee engagement solution has achieved a high level of success and recognition in the talent management industry, as companies recognize the crucial importance of workplace wellbeing. More businesses are realizing that happy employees are more efficient and more productive.

Today, over 80 clients have adopted Zest’s solution including major players like Decathlon, EY, AXA and Bouygues. With users in 34 countries, Zest is seeing strong global growth. The French company aims to become the European leader in employee engagement software, with plans to take over foreign markets such as Germany and Switzerland, where it has already built relationships with influential distributors.

Yet the company has their focus beyond European markets. Clients in India, Japan, and the Philippines are already using Zest to improve workplace wellbeing. In East Asia, Zest’s solution has been translated for one Chinese client and will partner with more in the near future. It has also grown its userbase in major global markets like Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. All of this was before Zest partnered with a Canadian-based reseller who specializes in HR transformation and workplace wellbeing, the goal to expand its clientele in Canada and the United States.

With big plans for 2018, Zest is now looking to recruit new talents. Zest has grown significantly over the past few months, and its team of 18 will be joined by five more before the end of the year. As its global visibility continues to rise, the young company is investing in marketing, sales, customer success and tech, looking for new international talents to accelerate its growth. 

For the founders of Zest, employee engagement isn’t just a business, it’s a way of life. The company aims to foster a workplace where everyone has a say. That’s why it’s seeking candidates whose innovative thinking and dynamic energy match the company’s own. Ideal recruits are creative and open-minded with a global mindset: the team already comprises six nationalities and is open to more!

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