Field employees (in stores or on construction sites, without computers or professional email addresses) sometimes represent up to 80% of an organization's workforce. Yet they are often forgotten by most HR tools.

Delivery personnel, salespeople, construction workers… In stores, warehouses and factories… Employees in the field and “offline” (without a computer or professional e-mail address) represent, on average, 80% of the world’s workforce. However, these people are rarely taken into consideration by HR tools within organizations and are therefore excluded from all processes. And this situation is very problematic.

For several years now, employee experience has been a key element for effective management. And even more so since the beginning of the health crisis, during which isolation and social distance have become real challenges for organizations.

While field employees are often the most affected by the crisis, a study conducted in France by Censuswide for Workplace by Facebook reveals that they feel totally disconnected from headquarters and not listened to by their hierarchy.

To help you better understand the impacts of the situation, Zest has compiled 6 statistics on the reality of field employees and the issues that organizations face in order to offer them a real HR experience.

As a bonus, 5 tips from our experts to engage all employees in your HR processes, including those in the field :





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