The yearly performance review... does it remind you of some sleepless nights? It does for us! The good thing is it might soon be a bad memory ;)

The yearly performance review is the black sheep in many companies. It stresses employees out and leaves managers lost after a conversation lacking in sincerity. How is it possible to draw interesting conclusions in such conditions?

And we can’t say HR Directors are really glad neither when comes the time to centralise and analyse manually the data from every department. This formalism and rigidity transform a moment that could be a constructive occasion of growth into a frustrating but mandatory deadline.

Helping teams grow, acquire new skills and work on their weaknesses should be something exciting. After all, is it not what we call “gaining experience”? If that isn’t the case, it means the fault lies in the execution or the format.

So, how can you know exactly what is frustrating people in this process so as to improve it in your company?

Zest put together for you a list of 12 statistics about yearly performance reviews. And as we’re aware it can get hard to know where to focus your efforts, we also have a few tips for you 😉

Bonus: 6 tips from our expert, David Guillocheau:

  • Review what comprises the notion of performance with your employees and managers so that everyone can be aligned and grow
  • Create rituals around frequent communication between the manager and his/her team to let everyone know what to work on throughout the year
  • Take employees’ feelings and motivation into account beyond mere performance
  • Encourage every manager to act more like a coach instead of the more traditionnal top-down and controling one
  • Support them with trainings and co-development workshops to encourage them to share their experience and to support each other
  • Try Zest’s ckeck-in module from our perform pilar!



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