At Zest, evolution is key. Improving the product, building the community, growing the team (two new developers this month!) and of course, personal and professional development for employees… all this combines to tell Zest’s story of (r)evolution.

Read on to discover what product features Zest has developed for you this month:

New feature: Skills

The newest addition to Zest’s development topics this month is the Skills feature.

Personal and professional development are important when it comes to engaging employees and retaining talent. Collaborators yearn to learn and progress their areas of expertise, yet they often need encouragement and help to achieve this.

With Zest’s new Skills feature, your collaborators will be able to share the skills they want to develop, and follow them through to completion. Collaborators can add and amend their chosen skills through their regular Check-in, and managers have direct access to all skills via each collaborator’s profile.

Learning new skills with Zest is easy:

1.Set skills to develop

Defined during Check-ins, employees choose, or managers suggest, which skills to develop. Build upon previously defined skills or add brand-new ones; Zest makes professional development simple.

2. Develop skills

Skill development happens outside of Zest, but you can easily remind yourself of which skills are in development by viewing a collaborators full list of ongoing skills. During the next Check-in, decide if each skill has been mastered, or if further development is required.

3. Validate and display skills

Both managers and employees can decide when and if a skill can be marked as acquired. Validating a skill means it’s been mastered, approved, and evaluated (level of expertise), and collaborators can then display it on their Zest profile.

Encouraging skill development and giving feedback throughout the process will develop a culture of supportive, engaged and motivated employees, which in turn leads to collaborative, high-performing teams.

Additional Zest updates this month

Keep an eye out for these additional updates:

  • Engagement Meter: increased frequency settings, more in-depth reporting, handy reminder buttons, and an all new question bank…
  • Question bank: spanning 8 categories, Zest’s new question bank assists you in building strong Engagement Meters which result in valuable answers. Select from the list or choose ‘random’ mode – the variety of questions enables endless possibilities.
  • Mood: submitted the wrong mood via an email notification? No worries, you can now change your mind. Want to be anonymous? You can now also choose this option via an email mood submission.


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