Enedis is part of EDF company, responsible for the management and development of 95% of the electricity distribution network in France. The company's HR department has inventively proposed a unique use of Zest. They launched remote e-learning workshops with our solution as a tool for dialogue and improvement of social ties during the crisis.


Strengthening social ties during the crisis.
Through listening features
Improving the results of the annual survey
Through the creation of working groups focusing on Engageometer themes
Creating a Collaborative Culture
Using Zest as a tool to communicate with their teams

Implementing remote HR workshops with Zest

  • Virtual workshops deployed with 60 employees
  • To prepare the annual survey on specific topics
  • Once a week with groups of 8 to 10 people, during lockdown and on the recovery plan


With the objective of identifying areas for improvement based on the annual survey’s results

Each year, Enedis carries out an annual survey through an external agency. It consists on a very detailed questionnaire with a response time of 45 minutes for all 60 employees. The themes covered include manager-employee relations, communication, career development, etc.

Normally, physical workshops are set up by themes to find actions and areas for improvement on the results that are not satisfactory.

In this context of social distancing and remote work, we had to launch the project remotely, in the form of e-learning classes. I really relied on Zest to set up this project.

The first step is to use Zest to prepare the workshop in advance via two surveys: the selection of the theme that determines the working group, and then 5 questions to prepare the workshop content. The second step consists on running a satisfaction survey to make improvements on the following workshops.


The key drivers for setting up a personalized project

To start, we suggest to our employees a panel of themes to be discussed according to what we have selected within the HR department. To do so, we use the key drivers feature that we send in the format of a campaign to our teams with the selected items.

I was really able to customize what I needed, because what’s great about Zest’s key drivers is that I can adapt the pre-established items according to my needs.

Groups are formed around the chosen themes. This represents 8 and 10 employees per class and per theme such as communication, relationship with the manager, career development.


Preparing e-learing classes in collaborative mode with Polls

The week before the class, we send out a poll via the associated Zest feature, in the form of 5 questions. The purpose of these polls is to gather input for the workshops based on the feedback from the employees. We use the answers to build our e-learning classes in order to construct the most collaborative format possible and build dialogue, together.

And to improve as we go along by enriching ourselves with feedback from our employees.

Finally, after the class, they send out another very quick poll to find out how everyone feels about the work session. This allows them to improve as they go along.

I use the Poll feature regularly in the form of very short polls. It’s a very convenient and practical way to interact with teams and get their feedback. It allows us to build a dialogue, to define areas for improvement and to take action.

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