In this particular period, all organisations had to adapt and find new ways of operating in an extremely short space of time. And in this context, tuning into how employees are really feeling and supporting them has become a crucial factor.


Successfully going full remote in a short period of time
Taking the pulse of their teams during the crisis
Launching quick polls in a 24 hour-period

Australie is a communications & PR agency which, like most companies, had to quickly adapt to the new work organisation associated with the crisis. Suddenly they had to find new ways of operating remotely while preserving the link amongst their teams and making sure everyone was ok.


A highly-efficient support

Tiphaine, their HR manager, had already experimented with HR software where the teams lacked reactivity on project follow-up and implementation, so it was very important for her to have a reactive team to assist.

She confides that she was agreeably surprised with Zest’s team, especially during this particular period. They were very satisfied with the reactivity and project follow-up provided by our Client Success team.

In my conversations with the Customer Success team, there was an almost immediate reactivity. My contact always managed to call me back and give me a prompt answer. When she was unable to do so, I was immediately redirected to another member of the team. The team has been super responsive, that’s really great.

Tiphaine Letroublon / HR Manager

Taking the pulse of the teams in 24 hours and establishing team rituals.

Accompanied by Zest, they launched a quick poll to see how employees felt about the new work organization. The idea was to make sure, above all, that on a professional and personal level, there was nobody facing difficulties.

With a good participation rate in this first poll, the HR team decided to ritualize this management practice and to launch polls every two weeks, in order to regularly take the pulse of the teams. That way, they could have a clear picture of how they were feeling, keep in touch with the teams and take action if necessary.




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