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Customer Success with Zest

How EY built a collaborative team culture with Zest

On their journey towards unifying over 5000 cross-functioning people and teams, Zest helps EY develop a culture of high-performing collaborators.

In a company with over 5000 cross-functioning collaborators spread across many regions, effective team relationships are essential to success at EY, which is why they’ve been working with Zest to boost employee engagement since 2016.

With a strong focus on bringing people together, Zest enables EY’s collaborators to send feedback, engage in conversation, and express themselves through mood and free speech. All this combines to build high-performing, united teams.

“My goal (with Zest) was to unite teams, to encourage them to exchange more and to improve team interactions.”

Jacques Pierres, Associate at EY, says he discovered Zest when searching for a powerful digital solution which would deliver valuable team-orientated results to both managers and collaborators alike.

“Zest has been recognized as an important management solution at EY in regard to communication and collaboration.”

Needing to adapt to the ever-changing nature of business, and with Millennials now comprising around 70% of their workforce, Zest’s solution enabled EY to adopt a dynamic 360° approach to dialogue. This approach decentralizes communication, feedback can be initiated from anyone on any level, and top-down hierarchical evaluations cease to exist.

“Zest’s solution enables us to transform and adapt in the face of a fast-changing industry.”

At EY, Zest has revolutionized their approach to team and employee engagement, freeing up a lot of time and effort, and streamlining team collaboration.

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