Christophe Bergeon
CEO & CoFounder
Guillaume Viry
CoFounder & Sales Leader
Alexandre Bronchain
Lead Developer
Ghita Laraki
Business Developer
Angie Urbina
UX/UI Designer
Mathias Boisgard
Zest Developer
Cyril Bossavie
Business Developer
Jovana Bajat
Eva Boquet
Business Developer
Elodie Lachoua
Product Manager
Géraldine Muong
UX Designer
Pauline Fauque
Customer Success Manager
Trelise Mansfield
Head of Marketing
Cyril Laguilhon-Debat
Lead Developer
David Banget-Mossaz
David Guillocheau
Chief Product & Client Success Officer
Thibault Salomon
Customer Success Manager
Emilie Georges
Marketing Executive
Aymeric Henry

Investors and Board

Jean-Stéphane Arcis
CEO Talentsoft
Mickaël Cabrol
CEO EasyRecrue
Jérôme Miara
CEO Obea

Resellers and Partners

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