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Because we believe happier employees make better companies, we started the employee experience journey at ZestMeUp. Our happiness spreaders work in a very enthusiastic, dynamic and innovative environment to ensure the best product you can expect to re-engage your employees at work.

Christophe Bergeon Co-founder & CEO
Ghita Laraki Business Developper
Alexandre Bronchain Zest Developer
Zest developper
Mathias Boisgard Zest Developer
Angie Urbina Zest Designer
Raphael Degraëve Zest Developer
Pauline Fauque Client Success Manager
Anaëlle Rault Zest Marketing
Guillaume Viry Co-founder & Sales Leader
Géraline Muong Zest UX designer
Cyril Bossavie Business Developer
Elodie Lachoua Product Manager
Eva Boquet Growth Hacker