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Customer Success with Zest

Why EDF chose Zest to boost their employee engagement

Wanting to empower the voice of the employee, EDF selected Zest as their employee engagement partner.

EDF have always valued the opinions of their employees. However, their employee engagement journey with Zest began when they started to question if these opinions were been given the voice they deserved.

With Zest, EDF’s employees now have the means to express themselves and share their ideas via an engagement solution built to boost team collaboration.

Responsible for the deployment of Zest at EDF, Julien Gazel says he chose Zest due to the ease-of-use and available features, specifically the Idea module. The Idea module enables EDF to request input from employees around specific subjects, and take action based on the results. It also gives a holistic view of how the company is evolving based on previously implemented ideas.

“We chose Zest for two reasons: firstly, the simplicity and diversity of the features. Secondly: accessibility. Zest can be accessed both on desktop and on a mobile application.”

Additionally, connection diversity was really important to EDF, who have many teams across multiple departments. Therefore, a multi-platform solution, like Zest, is the ideal solution for team collaboration and alignment.

“(Zest) enables us to improve how we are capturing information on team collaboration.”

EDF employees based throughout France have been benefitting from stronger employee engagement and team collaboration with Zest since 2017.

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