Much more than a restaurant, Loco Loca is a place where people can come to read, chat, listen to music or work in a friendly Latino atmosphere. The Kolibri Group created the concept and has been encouraged by its success. They aim to expand it and open new Loco Loca establishments each year.


A clear measure of employee satisfaction
Teams listened to and better supported in the field
An optimized employee experience

Currently present in Rennes and Lorient, the Loco Loca concept will be deployed in several French cities. To support this ambitious growth plan, Samuel Gueranger, Director of Restaurant Operations for the Kolibri Group, Maud Le Guennec, Head of Customer and Employee Experience, and Ludivine Bouric have placed employees’ satisfaction at the heart of their management and development strategy.

To ensure that this adventure would be a success, they wanted to implement a simple, fun digital tool that could be accessed online or from a smartphone by their employees, who should be growing rapidly.

With their extensive experience in the restaurant industry, Samuel and Maud know that a successful customer experience depends on a successful employee experience. The chosen solution should therefore allow them to :

  • Offer a real employee experience to create a symmetry of attention
  • Be as accessible as possible to managers and employees in the field
  • Accompany new teams when opening a new establishment

In our industry, customer reviews and comments have a huge impact on the success of the establishment. So we know that by taking care of our employees, we take care of our customers. And communication, dialogue, collaborative work and employee well-being have always been embedded in the company’s values and practices.

Maud Le Guennec

Offer a real employee experience to create a symmetry of attention

In the restaurant industry, customer relations and service are the key to success. Maud Le Guennec and Samuel Guéranger are convinced that the well-being of their employees is the guarantee of good customer service.

When the Loco Loca concept was born, the Kolibri group focused on the experience it would offer its customers in this new living space. The team in charge of the project researched and found numerous studies on the customer experience and the different methods for implementing it. Very quickly, they came to a simple conclusion: the customer experience is directly linked to the employee experience.

We wrote Loco Loca’s management policy and called it the “Employee Universe”. We quickly realized that we needed a tool for listening to and measuring employee satisfaction within the company.

Samuel Guéranger

Loco Loca wanted to quickly provide their “mayors and menors” (site managers) and their coaches (managers of the various kitchen, bar and restaurant teams) and team members (employees) with a tool to understand their state of mind, to ensure their well-being and to provide them with the best possible conditions to boost their motivation. Especially since these teams, made up of 20 to 30 employees per establishment, mainly in the field and for the most part in direct contact with customers, are expected to develop rapidly to support the strong growth ambitions of the Kolibri group.

They quickly chose Zest because the French start-up offers a fun, hyper-intuitive solution that can be accessed from a smartphone thanks to its mobile application.

It’s also scalable, allowing Loco Loca to start small, by first deploying the Mood module of the suite’s Listen pillar. In a few seconds, employees indicate their mood of the day by assigning a score from 1 to 5 on their mobile, tablet or computer. This participation can be anonymous and accompanied by a comment if they wish.

For us, Zest is a tool that allows us to monitor our employees’ well-being and to better support them. We explained to the teams that a mood score below 3 out of 5 sends alerts to managers, so they can react very quickly to help the employee.

Maud et Samuel

Be as accessible as possible to managers and employees in the field

Before Zest was implemented, Maud and Samuel had no way of knowing the level of employee satisfaction other than through local managers.

The mobile aspect of the application was essential for us since our teams are mainly in the field. In addition, the new generations are, as we know, ultra connected. It was therefore essential that they could access the tool from their smartphones.

In this period of crisis and uncertainty, the restaurant sector has not been spared… It has been one of the most affected by lockdowns, closures lasting several months, curfews, the drop in tourism and the implementation of heavy protocols to respect barrier gestures. The Zest tool allowed Maud and Samuel to work closely with their managers to prepare their teams and support them during the reopening.

After the first lockdown in 2020, they launched a survey using the Polls module of the Zest digital solution to consult employees a week before the restaurants reopened, and then about ten days after the reopening. These surveys made it possible to find out how they were doing, to know their state of mind before the reopening and to do a check-up a few days later to see if their feelings and motivation had changed. Another survey also allowed us to find out how the teams saw the future of the Loco Loca concept in the specific context of the opening of a new establishment.

The Polls module also allowed us to challenge ourselves. Indeed, just before the July 2020 reopening, we organized a seminar dedicated to the management team. We then launched a survey to find out if this seminar had met their expectations. This information is important because it allows us to improve as leaders by offering our teams time for exchange or activities that are really useful to them.

Loco Loca also used the Engagement Meter module of Zest’s Listen pillar to measure its employees’ level of engagement and obtain its eNPS (or employee Net Promoter Score). Employees rated and commented on engagement drivers proposed by the tool and divided into six simple categories, each containing 18 “key drivers” defined by a Doctor in Psychometrics. Despite the health crisis, the results were very satisfactory and the eNPS score was very high.


Accompany new teams when opening a new establishment

The Zest solution also acts as a partner to the Loco Loca concept to support the company’s growth and spread its values, culture, and “raison d’être” to all employees on the field.

As the establishments are all based on the same concept, the digital tool will enable the mayors, menors, Maud and Samuel to set objectives and identify what works and what doesn’t from one team to another. It will allow teams to share best practices and also allow the different establishments to challenge each other.

Zest’s Listen module does exactly what we need it to do. And we are proud to have implemented a tool that very few companies in the restaurant industry are equipped with. Our employees have welcomed it because they understand that it is an internal communication tool designed to improve their quality of life at work.

Currently managed by Maud and Samuel on behalf of their mayors and menors, the Zest tool will soon be used by site managers. Maud Le Guennec and Samuel Guéranger first wanted to familiarize themselves with the solution and its possible uses before giving access to their local managers in order to support their adoption of the tool.

If the return to “business as usual” is confirmed, the mayors and menors of the various Loco Loca establishments will soon be able to use the Mood, Polls and Engagement Meter modules of the Listen pillar of the Zest digital suite. They will thus be able to manage their own team independently, to be even closer to the needs and expectations of their team members in the field.

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