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Zest Launches Projects, a New Feature for Agile Teams

14 February 2018
Press Release

Zest launches Projects, a new feature to boost teamwork on shared projects. As a growing number of organizations move towards cross-functional teams and horizontal management techniques, this feature provides them with a dedicated, high-performance solution to facilitate group work and improve team efficiency.

The way it works is straightforward: users start by creating a project and adding associated team members. Once a project has been set up, users can communicate various features such as chat, sending documents, sharing ideas, and assessing the “Weather” on how the project is progressing.

What makes this feature stand out is its innovative method of evaluating group work. Using a unique algorithm, the Zest app evaluates energy levels on the project based on the number of interactions between team members. The algorithm allows managers to establish a direct link between team interactions and achievements.

Projects doesn’t just measure outcomes: it’s an analytical tool to gain a deeper understanding of group work and results. It goes beyond the traditional individual-centered HR approach to deliver direct insights into team performance.

Christophe Bergeon, CEO and cofounder of Zest, explains: “Up till now, there’s been a knowledge gap in HR for how to analyze collective work. Zest’s Projectsfeature lets managers show their appreciation for agile teams and help them work more efficiently. It’s a virtual circle: more acknowledgement leads to better performance, and vice versa!”

All Zest’s features are geared towards effectivegroup work. With Zest, managers can carry out surveys in a few seconds or click to send a “Zest” thank you to acknowledge a team member’s dedication. The features are designed to boost performance and employee engagement, helping teams achieve outstandingresults.

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